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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Information presented in this FAQ summarizes questions frequently asked by our Students and prospective Students. Please call our school or speak with our Sensei or one of our certified Instructors for more information. You will find our staff friendly and always eager to assist. If you can not find an answer to your question below or need more clarification, please contact us.

  1) What style of martial arts do you teach?
  2) Do you have age specific training?
  3) Do I need to be in good physical shape to begin training with your school?
  4) How many times a week do students usually attend class?
  5) Why is martial arts supposed to be so good for you?
  6) Why is the Martial Arts good for kids suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder?
  7) Will I be expected to compete in tournaments ... ?

What style of martial arts do you teach?    (top)
All-City Karate Studio teaches a multi-style martial art system. Our original system is strongly influenced by Shotokan, Shorei Goju-Ryu and Kenpo. We have recently added Judo,Grappling and Weapons to our Black Belt Club Program. Our curriculum is proven to develop a very versatile Martial Arts athlete and also provides a constant challenge for learning and developing new skills. It’s very progressive, exciting and dynamic, while also being very practical and effective.

Do you have age specific training?    (top)
Yes, we have classes for a variety of ages and stages of development. Our youngest students are called Tiny Tigers (ages 3 to 7). This program presents a fun, yet very well structured approach to develop early stage motor skills, better listening abilities, and shows kids how to work well with others. We also teach simple Stranger Danger & Awareness, along with exciting Martial Arts games that build strength, agility and aims their endless energy in a positive direction. Our Juniors Achievers Program (ages 8 to 15) teaches goal-setting and is a great physical exercise program. We get kids into great shape and build their self-esteem and overall self-confidence. We teach our kids valuable life skills that enhance solid character development and stress academic achievement. The majority of our Junior Black Belts are high academic achievers and well rounded athletes. Our Adult Training members are recapturing the energy and stamina of their youth. Most will tell you that they are currently in the best shape of their lives. It’s a versatile well rounded fitness program. Three keys areas of our fitness training include, flexibility, strength and muscle tone, along with stamina and endurance. No matter what age, all students benefit from the emphasis on conditioning their mind, body and spirit. Mentally, students are developing the ability to concentrate and stay focused on their goals. Physically, they are becoming healthier, happier and more fit, while learning valuable skills of self-defense. When it comes to the spirit, Martial Arts training triggers our positive emotions and teaches us to better control the negative ones.

Ms. Amie
Do I need to be in good physical shape to begin training with your school?    (top)
Absolutely not. The best time to start your journey is right now! Our Basic Programs are designed to lay a strong foundation of skill and conditioning. Whether you’re a beginner to the arts, or you’ve had previous experience, each student will progress at the pace that is right for them. All new members are guided through a basic training routine that is modified to fit each individuals needs and desires. Of course, if you’ve been an inactive adult it is always best to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in this type of activity.

How many times a week do students usually attend class?    (top)
New students generally train two times a week in our Basic Training and then are offered more classes and curriculum options once they qualify for a more advanced program. We offer classes for all ages and levels of ability six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Your Sensei and/or Program Director will help you create an action plan to achieve your desired results.

Why is martial arts supposed to be so good for you?    (top)
It has been found that people that train in martial arts, often see dramatic and continual improvements in many areas of their lives. Improvements in self confidence, self discipline and overall self esteem are common. The many physical and health benefits realized through training have a positive long term impact and value to people of all ages, including, greater flexibility, endurance and energy, strength and muscle tone. All-City Karate students walk tall, stand proud and lead by example with the energy for excellence.

Why is the Martial Arts good for kids suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder?    (top)
Kids with A.D.D./Attention Deficit Disorder are usually very active mentally as well as physically. Our Martial Arts classes are fast paced, fun and filled with a variety of activities. This type of environment usually allows kids with A.D.D. to excel. Not only do they like the activity, they enjoy the positive encouragement and rewards they receive from our Instructors. We have an incentive driven program for kids and they enjoy the step by step method of learning and growing.

Will I be expected to compete in tournaments ... ?    (top)
No... While we've had many students compete (and excel) in state and national tournaments, we don't emphasize or require tournament competition. Tournament competition is only one part of Karate training. We want our students to improve their bodies and minds by experiencing the full spectrum of Karate, including traditional and modern techniques, exercise and stretching, (kata) forms practice (sequences of techniques that simulate combat), self defense, mental training and (kumite) sparring.